The Kitchen Series is printed with a very high amount of pigment-based ink. This is what makes the color deep and gives the art print a chalky surface. It also means that the art print is vulnerable to any touching on the colored surface. Therefore, here a little guide on handling.

Doing the framing yourself

  • Put on cotton gloves before handling the art print - and do not touch the colored surface, but only the white border.
  • When you need to fasten the art print, do it only in each of the upper corners (use double-adhesive tape). In this way, you avoid that the print will wave in the long run.

Let your local frame workshop handle the framing

  • If you would like a professional framing, wait to unpack your art print. Let the local frame workshop handle it for you.   
  • Don't wait too long to get your art print framed. It doesn't get any better from being rolled up.

Nice to know
The high quality on both paper and printing specifications makes your art print highly UV resistent ensuring a long 
durability of lines and colors.